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Fortune-telling is always a fun gambit in stories...tarot especially, with its endless symbolism and advantage that even an amateur can actually do it irl and "feel" the effects. Props really help sell it! (And I must confess that the title Seven of Suitors made me immediately think of tarot and other numerology/kabbalah hooks coming up.)

I'm reminded of the final movie in the Garden of Sinners franchise, which interrogates the philosophical implications of predicting the future. Maybe it really is all smoke and mirrors, but fortunte still favours the bold anyway...people really do change their behaviour in response to fortunes, tarot, prophecy, tea leaves, whatever. So it's a useful topic to address in fiction, where one is allowed to make it "actually work" - because even when it doesn't irl, it still alters fates anyway. Sympathetic magic is fun, or at least I believe so.

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A rather ambitious story you've set out to tell. Great job so far. I do like a good Tarot reading.

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