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I write in three main areas at the moment:

  1. Short Stories in the Sci-fi/Fantasy genres: My most popular pieces are a Fantasy series starting with a library with an unusual method of organization known as the Library of Eristat, and a genre-bending story across time and space called Detective Manse and the Horror from Beyond Time.

  2. Board Game Strategy Simulations. I do Monte Carlo simulations to analyze board games, with my most detailed analyses digging into the card games Love Letter, and Avalon.

  3. Political Platforms for Fictional Universes. I also have a series proposing what political positions I would stake out in different fictional universes, such as Harry Potter, the MCU, and Star Wars.

If I find people are interested in some topics but not others, I’d be happy to split off separate feeds, and if any of that interests you, hop on board!

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Publishing sci-fi and fantasy short stories, and the occasional board game analysis.


Mark Newheiser

Attempting to reverse engineer the system of the world. Sci-fi/fantasy short stories, musings about reality, and Monte Carlo simulations of board games.